The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and Genius Young Lady

Personal Enjoyment: 6/10

March 23, 2023


On Earth, Anis dreamed of flying and magic. Despite being reincarnated into a magical world as a princess she remains magicless, so she made it her goal to create the tools for her to follow her dreams anyway. Meanwhile, Euphilia has been engaged to the prince for her entire life, training to be queen only for him to dump her and attempt to ruin her name. Anis swoops in and claims Euphilia for herself, starting their magical revolution.

What to Know:

To start, I have only seen the anime so I don’t know how much of this is true for the manga or novels.

As always, check the “does the dog die” site for a specific rundown of triggers. There’s a fight scene that, while not detailed, involves some organ ripping. Then some bright flashy magic auras that might hurt your eyes show up every once in a while, and some old men are sexist but not in any particularly unwatchable ways. It’s overall light on the triggering content.

Watching this as a lesbian slice of life where things happen sometimes is the best way to enjoy it. All the political drama and fantasy stuff is a background for watching a couple of girls being lesbians, not the main draw.

Spoiler Free Review:

It’s cute, not the type of thing I get into but it’s perfect to watch while eating a meal or before bed. Maybe I’d have enjoyed it more if my heart wasn’t so cold, but the main draw here is the relationship between the main two and I just wasn’t feeling it. Theoretically they are making romantic progress, but the chemistry is just not there. The body language and interactions aren’t quite right and the exposition is just very plain.

For example, if someone’s tragic backstory is being explained rather than making it a monologue have them go through old belongings together. Not just standing beside each other, but interacting and touching each other. Doesn’t have to be explicitly romantic yet, just have them be close. Lycoris Recoil, yuri or not, did this perfectly. That hug scene had everyone going feral and people got more feral as the show went on because Chisato and Takina were always just locked onto each other. There’s just a weird distance between Anis and Euphilia for most of the show until they get together.

The animation and soundtrack are both average. The animation has some pretty shots but nothing that really jumped out at me. Good enough I wouldn’t be disappointed if a novel I loved were adapted with the same level of animation, but it wouldn’t excite me any more for something new. The soundtrack is similar. It all fit the story but nothing jumped out at me to put in my personal playlist. Neither did anything jump out at me as really defining the show, just nice background music that could fit behind many similar shows.

Final Thoughts:

I’m happy it’s gotten some steam, any yuri getting appreciation is a win. For me though, while it doesn’t pull off its plot and concept especially well I still found it enjoyable enough to follow weekly. It’s cute and I appreciate the frenzy it put yuri fan artists into so overall it’s a positive if bland experience. Great for watching during a meal so you can later enjoy some god tier fan art with the proper context.